CapsiplexWith the fast paced life everyone has been living, there is no doubt that there is more demand for alternative solutions of losing unwanted fat. So what do you do if you do not have the time to live an active lifestyle?

Well, besides dietary supplements that are clinically-proven effective and safe in burning fat without exercise, there are other ways that have been discovered to be not just effective but long lasting and this is through your diet.

Most of those who want to lose the fats are not successful in doing so despite having an exercise routine. The problem? The food that goes on into the body. Here are some food to avoid and some you can bulk up on.

1. White carbohydrates

What is the point in trying to exercise so much when you immediately eat a bunch of carbohydrates after? From bread, rice and noodles, white carbohydrates will definitely be turned into fats if you keep storing it.

2. Eat more protein, legumes, vegetables and fruits

Protein such as eggs, chicken breast and pork; Legumes such as beans, lentils, peas and nuts; and vegetables, especially the green and leafy ones like spinach, asparagus and broccoli, should be included in most meals.

Exchange potatoes and rice for more vegetables to feel full for a longer time. Because vegetables are fiber and fiber tends to expand in the stomach, you will feel full most of the time, making you feel hungry less.

Exchange sweet desserts such as cakes and ice cream for sweet and tropical fruits. The sugar in fruits are healthier alternatives than the sugar in your usual desserts. Or you can opt to eat fruits before every meal to have a healthier digestive tract.

3. Eat small meals throughout the day

One thing that has been observed with the usual daily habit is eating large portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then eat snacks again during mid-meals.

Some health experts have found that eating small meals throughout the day will help you shed the extra pounds and calories than eating huge meals three times a day. Psychologically, eating several small meals will make you think that you just ate, preventing you from eating a heavy cnack.

4. Laugh more often

Believe it or not, laughing more often will help you burn food faster. Biology has taught you that the oxygen we breath helps burn food in the body. So laugh more often for more oxygen flowing through the body to continuously burn fat without exercise.

5. Keep on moving

But of course, the most important of all is to keep moving your body. Walk more, take the flight of stairs than the elevator, go for a run. You do not need to exercise. Just do anything that will make you stand from that couch or office chair letting your body know that it needs to convert the stored calories into energy.

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