For every slimming pill, there is a long list of testimonials on the site. These testimonials are attached to the slimming pill, with random names touting the pill’s efficacy and results.

Yet as consumers, we can never be sure about what the “real deal” is—whether these testimonials are real or whether these are simply paid for or plain hoaxes.

Capsiplex, a slimming pill endorsed by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt, is one such slimming pill with numerous testimonials posted about it—but are they true, or just too good to be true?

A Look into Capsiplex

Capsiplex is a slimming pill whose main ingredients are chili and capsicum, which is found in red peppers. When taken before each meal with a full glass of water, these two ingredients work by increasing your metabolism, enabling you to burn more fat while also making you full even after only eating a small amount of food.

When it was first released, Capsiplex testimonials were creating a stir as they came from the above mentioned celebrities, with corresponding sound bites, with the catchphrase “Slim at your desk” or “The celebrity diet pill”. It was even advertized as having the ability to burn as much calories as eighty minutes of walking or twenty five minutes on the treadmill, as claimed by the company.

They have also had no reported side effects and the chili does not upset the stomachs of consumers who are sensitive to spicy food, unless you are really allergic to chili. They use a patented system for it where it is directly ingested by the intestine, rather than broken down in the stomach.

So, Are the Testimonials True?

When you read the testimonials on Capsiplex, they may seem too good to be true, but actually do seem truthful. The ordinary people who endorsed the product were touting it as a good complement to their existing workout or diet, with their fabulous results coming from the marriage of the two, rather than simply from ingesting the slimming pill alone.

There were also disclaimers that such results were also on a case to case basis, which would depend also on the user. This gave some form of credence towards the site, as it gives people a more realistic view of the product, rather than simply giving high expectations which would not work for everyone.

Overall, Capsiplex testimonials serve witness to Capsiplex’s efficacy as a slimming pill. However, for best results, it is still best to partner it with exercise or a diet, rather than overeating while taking it, which may just negate the effects. A healthy lifestyle is still one of the best ways to lose weight, supplemented by slimming pills such as Capsiplex.

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